Wednesday, April 18, 2018

TWO clusters.....and no I didn't forget, lol!

You thought I forgot again, didn't you?  Nope....just slept away most of the day and just now catching up.  You new "normal".   So, I am posting two I am leaving tomorrow around 3/4 pm for Madison again.   One for  Tuesday ,  one for Wednesday.     The first is from Jenni.....the second from Anita, both made with Everyday Stories - A Boys Adventure of course - still on sale for 30% off!

Just click on the images to download!  See you Thursday!.....

Monday, April 16, 2018

New Release sale, 2 freebies....and it's $2 Tuesday!

It's been a LONG week here at Kimeric Kamp.....what was to be a check up turned into a 2 day stay at the UW-M Hospital for transfusions.   I guess my red cell counts were way out of whack....and thank you to those that donate blood (I always did until this cancer crept up).  I appreciate the help!   Anyway...been sleeping again like mad - 24 hours at a time, so I am way behind.  I didn't even get the sales going at The Digichick until later....and I DO apologize for that.     Because of that, tho - I am extending my New Release sale on my new collection Everyday Stories - A Boy's Adventure   for a week, as I won't have a new release for a week as I catch up.    I'll be posting clusters starting tonight....2 at a time to catch up :)   Hang in there with all works out!   Actually, tonight I am posting one cluster and the freebie from today's newsletter as there is no graffiti included within the collection.  Hope you can use it!  The cute cluster is from Chrissy!  It's also $2 Tuesday at The Digichick until midnight tomorrow!

and a little inspiration!

Aren't those fun and fabulous?

There is no graffiti pack in the here you go!

Just click on the images to download!  See you tomorrow.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Finally feeling a bit better and TWO clusters tonight!

Finally got a little sleep, and woke up feeling so much better - - and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.   My appetite has been returning little by little.....but the rest was crap.   I hoped yesterday that I was coming out of this latest funk...and even tho this immunotherapy is supposed to be easier on the system than chemo - lemme tell ya - it's not.  That was THE WORST bout I've been thru.  Sleeping up to 36 hours?  Up for 2...down for another 24?  NO thirst..I mean come on, I know my body has to have healing time, but this is not the 'promised'  easier on the system stuff.  WOWSA.   I'm hoping I continue to improve...but when they ask me tomorrow about how I'm doing....they are getting an earful!  Yep...going back to Madison tomorrow for a check up since I missed last week's.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I not only continue to improve but that this stuff keeps working as it should :)     So since i'm behind in clusters, tonight I have two for you from Anita - both made with Everyday Stories - Vintage , of course!  Enjoy!

Just click on the images above to download!  See you tomorrow!